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What is a Shared Suite?

More than one license working in the same room either alternating days/times


Multiple licenses working in a larger space at the same time


Why would I do this?

  • Only wanting to work part time 

  • Still building

  • Waiting for a single to open up

  • Love working with someone just not a whole salon of someones

  • Business partnerships

  • Want to build my employees 

  • Like having assistants

  • Wanting to reduce overhead costs

  • Easing back your schedule

Do I need to find someone?

No, we work to match you with the right fit out of our existing or interested tenants

But hey, if you already know someone that's cool too!

How do you see if we are the right fit?

Compatibility is everything when sharing space!

We match you by days/hours working, complimentary services provided, organizational styles, & personality types

We want everyone involved to have success!


What is the cost?

Our services to help you find a match are free

The cost of the rental is customized to your unique situation &

 would offer you a savings compared to a full time suite with all of your own equipment 


Still not sure?

No Pressure ...

Take a tour and see if you connect with the location

Want updates on solo suite openings?

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