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Air Filter


The air around us is full of positively charged ions that are in the form of things like allergens, dust, and bacteria. Being a public space with chemical services being render, a hair salon is a perfect example of particulates, microbes, and odors floating in the air. We have an ionizer air purifier installed in our facility to help minimize the negative effects of these concerns. We also have an air duct and return installed in each room to better manage the air flow, keeping a healthy and comfortable setting for all.

Trash on Beach


Many of the things we use each day have the ability to be broken down responsibly and manufactured into new products. Doing so keeps us from harvesting additional raw materials by deforesting and destroying more habitats. By reutilizing these materials we are able to keep them out of landfills where their only legacy would be to release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases. In the salon we recycle paper goods, along with approved plastics, metals, and styrofoams. It is our hope as more processes become available we will be able to increase the amount of waste kept from going into the environment.

Light Bulbs


Did you know that all of our lights in the studios are LED light bulbs? Not only does this keep our space cooler and use less energy they are made of non toxic materials and are recyclable. The best part... they on average last longer than an incandescent bulb so the processing to dispose of and recycle them is needed  less often. 

Snow White Costume


It is our belief that we should be a part of and give back to our community inside and outside of the workplace. If you have ever been in the historic section of Punta Gorda on Halloween you know that children from all over come to trick or treat. The people that reside in these charming houses go all out decorating their yards to entertain the kiddos. They often race home after work to get in costume and have friends join them doing "turns" at the door" to hand out candy. It's a LOT of candy. That's why we collect bags of candy each year to surprise different houses each year by adding to their piles.

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