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3 Reasons to go into a suite during a pandemic

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

We know the pandemic has shaken the hair industry. In this blog we will talk about why now is the time to make the transition to a salon suite.

Your clients will follow you to another town if they knew they were going to be in a private space.

So many times we are afraid to move locations because we fear loosing all of our clients. Clients, now more than ever, are conscientious about where they visit. Too long have we walked through life under the assumption that everything was ok: sure they wiped the table down, sitting this close is just how it is done, she says it’s just allergies- it must be.

How many times have you gone into work not sure if you were coming down with something or worked with someone who used the same cape on 6 different clients? The truth is now your clients are noticing that too! You can’t control what everyone else is doing but you can control your space and your actions. When you offer your guests a private space you are bringing their stress levels down not worrying about what the guests or stylist at the next chair are doing. You in turn can relax and enjoy your time with them and the next guest because you know where they have been, what they touched, and what needs to be addressed.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a nest egg that allowed you not to worry as much when the work stopped? Wouldn’t it have been awesome to have a booming profit driven retail business of your own to continue even when you weren’t working on a client? When the pandemic ends wouldn’t it be awesome to continue with that profit margin just as bonus? That’s you earning money even when you aren’t physically laboring with a client.

Has your time become more limited with homeschooling and no double booking?

Have your bills drastically reduced? Probably not. Are you able to give yourself a well earned raise without concerns of what the stylist next to you is charging?

Imagine being told to close again but this time the government isn’t handing out stimulus checks and unemployment is all dried up. Where will the income come from? You can’t get a quick temporary food service job, they aren’t there. What if your clients were still able to support you through that retail vein? How many things can you sell to your client that they are buying elsewhere. What a gift of time you are going to give them to cut down on their running around.

We are one of the few industries that has the advantage of seeing how our job as a service provider makes or breaks our position in the company we work for.

So many people think of job security as working for a company but in truth you are at the mercy of another deciding wether or not your position exists. As salon professionals we service the clients who visit us and they ultimately are our security. Taking care of them and meeting their needs is always number one.

Yelp reported in June this year 24% of salons permanently closed since the start of the pandemic. That number is sadly likely to increase. This is the first time in our history that we are seeing a mass shift of clients & stylists in the industry out looking for a new home base. With so many unknowns happening around us a bit of stability and control to your surrounding environment can go a long way to keeping your clients coming back to you. Clients coming back offers more job security right now than anything.

Peaceful is the new luxury.

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