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How daily suite rental can save your stying career

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

In the time of Covid in the salon industry things are changing faster than we can keep track of. One day we are open one day we might be closed. ”The numbers” in our area start climbing and clients start canceling appts. Some clients are spacing their appointments out because they are a little nervous coming in to the salon. Schools in, schools not in.

On top of everything else now I am homeschooling!

There are so many changes happening all around us and maybe we can no longer commit to 4-5 days a week or have someone else decide our schedule. Renting a suite for a couple of long days a weeks could keep you in a position of serving your clients while freeing you up the rest of the week to run the week.

If you are working less days you could save yourself money by only paying for the space when you need it. Having a popup studio kit could allow you to set up for the day and breakdown when it’s time to go home again.

Wether you are a stylist trying to maintain the clients you have or you were starting to build and the salon you were in closed or doesn’t align with your current needs a day rental may be the next move for your future.

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