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Complete & total freedom

Why a suite? Simply put - FREEDOM 
According to Modern Salon over 60% of surveyed professionals want control over their personal & work life.

Suites give you unlimited potential!

Image by Brian Wangenheim

How much? Our spaces start as low as $212 for a single & go up to $359 for a double -
Sink & cabinetry included.

Can I paint & decorate? We know how important personalization is to the independent beauty pro. We don't just let you choose the color of your walls we let you pick your own furnishings and have ways you can customize your cabinetry too! Brand away baby!

What's included? Make bill paying easy by lumping it all into one payment! Rent taxes, wifi, electric, water, security, & laundry...
easy peasy!


I don't know where to start... No worries friend, I've got you! As a 20yr stylist,15yr owner, & industry coach and mentor I am here to make your transition into the suite life simple!

"Suites are redefining the industry and making ownership possible. It is the perfect option for someone who wants to be more than an employee but isn't interested in or ready  to be a leader to a salon full of employees" -Maranda

"My business & income has more than tripled since going into a suite,

Moving into a studio was the best decision I ever made" - Paige

"Thank you for always giving great advice and words of inspiration" - Tonya

"Thank you for this beautiful space that you have created, and thank you for sharing it with me! Your passion for the industry is inspiring. Your kindness is always felt & appreciated. I have really enjoyed my time here & I appreciate you being part of my journey on the way to ownership" - Nicole


The decor & design of your choosing,

only the equipment you decide you need


Keep the conversation with your clients private & distraction free from your neighbors


LED lightbulbs in each room that are cooler to stand under and allow for cleaner color matching


No running to the bathroom to fill a bowl or bringing your client through the salon to shampoo them


No more locking your keys inside or needing to ask permission to enter. Each studio & entry door is equipped with a touchpad lock.

        Pillars we stand on

  • It's about finding the right fit

  • Our tenants success is our success

  • When we support & empower others we all win

  • Never stop learning

  • Make the world more beautiful


Are you?

The licensed beauty professional who is passionate about what they do and is chasing their dreams.

Air quality

We have an air purifying ionizer installed in the salon that runs nightly.

Recycling program

We recycle paper goods, along with approved plastic, metal, and styrofoam.

Led lighting

Our bright white LED lights help keep you cooler and see true to tone clean color when formulating.


We love our community

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